Chasmanthium latifolium

River Oats

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Pot Size: 4"x4"x5.5" pot

Plant Description

Fairly common in the southeast in low damp open woods, stream margins, and ditches, River Oats is an attractive, upright arching grass resembling somewhat the more familiar Sea Oats of southern sand dunes. In full sun, it grows 3 feet tall with leaves 1/2 inch in width. In some shade, expect taller plants that may need some staking. The flower/seed heads of River Oats which are effective from midsummer through mid-fall, are especially attractive. Long oblong, 3 by 1/2 inch wide spikelets with a distinct herringbone pattern are paper flat and pendant on thread-like pedicels dangling like earrings. These appear in arching sprays above the foliage and gracefully shimmer in the breeze. Summer color is medium green turning to yellow then brown in fall. Grow River Oats in sun to part shade, and dry to wet. It spreads moderately by rhizomes and also naturalizes by seed. We like it with Boltonia, Turtlehead, Orange Coneflower, and New England Aster.



Rain Garden

Roof Garden

Showy Berry Fruit

Good Fall Color

Deer Resistant

Native Plant

Ease of Culture

Easy to grow

Plant Type


Grass or grass-like,

Ground cover

Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny,

Half and half

Soil Condition

Average, Clay, Sandy

Moisture Tolerance

Dry, Moist,

Moderately moist


full quart


36 or taller


Flower Color

Brown, Tan

Bloom Time

Mid summer,

Late summer,

Early fall, Mid fall

Typical Height





5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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