Coreopsis major

Whorled-Leaf Coreopsis

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Pot Size: 4"x4"x5.5" pot

Plant Description

There aren't many wildflowers for shady spots that flower in summer but here is one. Greater Tickseed is a 3 foot, more or less upright, open grower with 1 inch, yellow, daisy-like flowers from early to mid summer. It grows naturally in open, dryish woods from Florida to Ohio. It can take sun or shade and dry or average soil. Its leaves appear to be 6-whorled at the nodes when actually they are opposite, paired, and 3-cleft. Greater Tickseed provides little bits of cheerful, unassuming color in places that are sometimes considered difficult. It is never a strong grower but it does flower reliably in dry, open shade. Companions might include River Oats, Blue Star, Columbine, and any of the Heucheras.



Rain Garden

Butterfly Plant

Native Plant

Ease of Culture

Easy to grow

Plant Type

Wildflower, Perennial

Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny,

Half and half, Mostly shady

Soil Condition

Clay, Average

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist, Dry


full quart


24 to 36




Flower Color


Bloom Time

Early summer,

Mid summer



Hardiness Zones

5, 6, 7, 8