Conradina verticillata 'Cumberland Snow'

Cumberland Snow Conradina

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Plant Description

Cumberland Snow' is the white form of Cumberland Rosemary, a very rare plant known only from several counties in Tennessee and Kentucky where it grows on gravelly river banks which are seasonally flooded then left high and dry in the summer. The plant looks like a semi-prostrate juniper growing about 12 inches tall and spreading several feet. Its leaves are semi-evergreen and look like those of Rosemary. They are wonderfully and strongly scented as you would imagine a wild Rosemary and can apparently be used like Rosemary. 'Cumberland Snow' has pure white flowers appearing in midsummer. Grow it in well-drained soil or pure sand in full sun. Use it for its fine bristly texture where a low plant is needed. It would be very effective at the edge of a retaining wall where passersby might brush against the foliage, releasing its pleasant scent.



Container plant

Rain Garden

Roof Garden

Deer Resistant

Native Plant

Good Fragrance

Ease of Culture

Difficult or tricky to grow



Plant Type

Wildflower, Perennial,

Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny

Soil Condition

Sandy, Average,

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist, Dry




less than 12, 12 to 24



Flower Color


Bloom Time

Mid summer

Typical Height





5, 6, 7, 8