Belamcanda chinensis

Blackberry Lily

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Pot Size: 4"x4"x5.5" pot

Plant Description

Originally from China, Blackberry Lily has naturalized here and makes a showy addition to our flower gardens. Flowers are star-shaped, orange with red spots, 2 to 3 inches wide, and are borne on loosely arranged 2 to 3 foot candelabras in summer. Flowers are followed by showy seed pods that split open when ripe revealing clusters of shiny black seeds resembling blackberries. Foliage looks like that of Iris. Give Blackberry Lily well-drained, average soil and full sun. Butterfly Weed, Stokes' Aster, Coreopsis, Coneflowers, Sundrops, and Fire Pinks are excellent companions.



Rain Garden

Showy Berry Fruit

Deer Resistant

Ease of Culture

Easy to grow

Plant Type


Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny

Soil Condition

Clay, Average

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist, Dry


full quart


24 to 36in

Flower Color

Yellows, Orange, coral, Peach,

salmon, Red, scarlet




Bloom Time

Mid summer, Late summer



Hardiness Zones

5, 6, 7, 8, 9