About Us

Sunlight Gardens is a small, family-owned native tree nursery founded and run by the husband and wife team Marty Zenni and Andrea (Andy) Sessions. Since 1983, we have been growing and propagating wildflowers, ferns, vines, and shrubs that are native or naturalized to the eastern United States for mail order, retail, and wholesale customers. We also grow many great cultivars of native plants and a few good exotic plants that compliment the natives.

We work hard to find exceptional plants and meadow flowers that grow in lousy soil or difficult gardening conditions, as well as just plain cool and gorgeous plants, and plants that benefit wildlife. Our plants are entirely nursery-grown from seed or propagated vegetatively since it is against our principles and policy to sell wild-collected plants. Plus we are neonic free. Pollinators love our plants and you’ll see that we point these types of wildflowers out when you browse our selections.

We are located in east Tennessee between the Cumberland and Smoky Mountains at about 900 feet elevation in USDA Zone 6B. Late summer is usually hot and humid, fall is usually very dry, and winter temperatures typically fluctuate widely with little snowfall. But we are blessed with lots of rain, about 55 inches per year. These are great conditions for growing tough plants.

Check out the variety of wildflowers and plants in our native tree nursery and find something that suits the color or type of plant that you’d like to add to your land. You can count on Sunlight Gardens to provide you with the quality of plant that you need in order for it to flourish on your property.