How much is shipping?
Shipping is as follows depending on how near or far you are from us.

We cannot ship plants to AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, UT or WA due to agricultural restrictions.

How do you ship? We use UPS. Our plants are shipped carefully wrapped in their pots with the exception of Mertensia, Arisaema, Trillium, buckeye and some other spring bloomers if shipped when dormant. These may be shipped bareroot.

Is there a minimum order amount?  No

When will my plants arrive? When you place your order, please tell us when you want to receive your plants. If you do not specify a preferred date of receipt, then we will ship when we think it is best for your area. If you do specify a preferred date, we will do our best to get close to that date keeping in mind that we ship Monday through Wednesday so that plants arrive Wednesday through Friday and do not sit in a UPS truck over the weekend. In general, we need to have your order before Friday of the week prior to shipping. During the busy shipping season, March through May, it may take us up to 2 weeks to send your order out. If you have a critical arrival date (for a birthday or anniversary, for instance), be sure to let us know when placing your order. In general, we can ship all year round except during the hottest and coldest times.

When will my plants flower? Most of our plants are old enough to flower during the year in which they are shipped (notable exceptions being Arisaema, Lilium, and some of the shrubs and vines). But due to our growing methods they may flower later or earlier than their wild counterparts. Expect flowering at their normal times after they have been planted for a year.

Do you sell or ship seeds? No, we ship live plants only.

Should I order for fall planting or for spring planting? In general, perennials establish better when planted in early fall. This is because as the growing season comes to an end, the plant can put its efforts into growing roots rather than trying to pump water up to an actively growing and enlarging plant. This results in a plant with an established root system that is ready for the demands of the following summer. However, given that we all succumb to spring fever, there is nothing wrong with planting when that urge hits. We just need to be more aware of a newly planted plant’s water needs throughout the entire summer. But, if your new plants are destined for a place that will be far from the water hose, you should strongly consider fall planting. Also, northern gardeners should keep in mind that our plants may be weeks or even months ahead of your climate even though we are in Zone 6b. Although we do not heat our plants during the winter, the cold frames they are kept in DO get warm when its sunny. It is not uncommon to have Spring Beauties, Bloodroot, and creeping Phlox in full bloom and growth by March 1. So northerners should request fall or very early spring shipping so the plants get there before they break dormancy. Otherwise, shipping would need to wait until all danger of frost is past which is fine except that in the case of spring bloomers, they would have flowered already for that year. Plus, in the spring, we do not ship a number of plants while they are flowering such Trillium and Jack in the Pulpit, because they are far too fragile.  A few of our plants are best planted at particular times and this is noted in their descriptions. Please take note of this.