Pot Size

Most of our plants are grown in full quart pots measuring 4" square by 5-1/2" deep or 88 cu. in. Most are of blooming age. See individual plant and perennial wildflower descriptions. We pride ourselves in growing healthy, sturdy plants in our nursery, which should transplant with little set back from pots to your garden after ordering from our online nursery. Unlike plants that are dug from the wild and are shipped bare root with a damaged root system, all the roots are intact in our potted plants They are ready to take off as soon as planted with no recovery time. Our plants are 100% nursery-propagated, not wild collected.

Because our plants are grown and shipped in pots, we can ship them to you at almost any time of the year. They may be actively growing (March into September) or they may be dormant, but in either case, they will be pruned to ensure stress-free shipping and transplanting before leaving our online nursery. Some dormant plants are shipped bare root. We include complete planting instructions with your order.