Love our jessamine order. Better than expected and look forward to purchasing in the future. Merry Christmas. Louis R

WOW!!! Today I received my box of 3 plants from Sunlight Gardens. I have NEVER been so happy!!! I've been ordering from plant suppliers for 40 years; many of the BEST known. I AM SO PLEASED WITH YOUR PRODUCT. Quality of the plants, size of plants, and packaging. I will be looking to Sunlight Gardens for many more orders. THANK YOU THANK YOU for your quality plants. Frances C

THe Fothergilla "Beaver Ceek" exceeded expectations. Not only was it sprouting back vigorously at the base but also there were two long growths that I was able to ground layer after I put it in the ground...And the other items were great too. Especially the Georgia Pancake Amsonia which I've tried and failed twice before. But this time I think it will work because the plant is well grown and not a tiny thing that requires a lot of nursing to keep it alive let alone get it growing. Jeff F

These plants are in great condition!! Thank you for doing it right. Anne C

I just had to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I was with my order that I received today.  I live just over the border in Kentucky so the delivery was fast after you had packed them, but I was blown away with the great condition of the plants when they arrived.  I was also very pleased with the size of the plants.  I really appreciate that you take care of your plants naturally too.  I am so glad that I saw your spot on Volunteer Garden!  Thanks so much!  Sally B

Hello. I was pleased to receive 2 nice sized mountain mint plants in perfect condition today. Thanks for getting them out so quickly, and I look forward to ordering more plants from your company next season. Priscilla D

I have ordered from several mail order nurseries in the past and held my breath as I opened the box to very small plants. Not Sunlight Gardens! This plant arrived in beautiful condition and is even loaded with big buds. I am very much looking forward to enjoying this healthy plant. Thank you very much!  Sally B

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely plants!  They look great. And I really like your packing technique. So nice not to have to deal with a bunch of wood chips or shavings flying all over the place.  Looking forward to having these in my garden!!   Anne C

Plants were perfect and packaged very well. Thank you for your excellent service.  Joan H

The Plumleaf azalea I ordered and received last year (2017) was in excellent condition, grew beyond my expectations and bloomed in the late summer (first year) with brilliant red flowers. Another positive was the excellent price. I have ordered another this year (2018) and two Flame azaleas.  Edwin P

I was so excited to receive my plants today. This was my first time ordering and I wasn't sure what size they would be but I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the beautiful plants that greeted me when I opened the box! I am very glad that I found you and am looking forward to many years of beauty from these plants. Thank you very much!  Sally B

Last year I bought the following plants from you : clematis glaucophylla, tennessee coneflower, lemon meringue baptisia and small leaf climbing hydrangea. After nervously watching and waiting, I noticed that all of them are putting out new growth! Thank you for providing such good healthy plants! I will definitely buy from you again.   Mike S

Just wanted you to know I got your shipment yesterday and the grass and plants were amazing.  WOW.  I read your catalogue and had great interest in your pursuit of indigenous plants.  Tammy M

You are kind, as well as a fabulous plant grower!            Paul and D. H

You are great communicators.....THANK YOU             Helen S

 Just wanted to let you know that the plants I ordered arrived on the 20th of August and are in the ground doing well. Also, wanted to tell you that I was impressed with the quality of the plants. Some of the nicest nursery stock I have seen. My wife and I are glad to see a nursery as interested in providing high quality specimens of wildflowers and native plants as you are.             John W

Hi to both of you.  I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the plants I ordered from you.  I think there was no transplant shock.  They just took off and are doing wonderful.  I don't know what took me to your website but I am so glad I found you.  Some of the plants are not familiar to me.  I may not know their names but I love them.  Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your wonderful, fresh and healthy plants.  I will be ordering again.                        Nancy L

I've attached a picture showing where I've planted the grass and so far it looks like the grass loves where it's at. Everything was received well in shipping and actually really impressed with how everything fit so well in one box. I'll send other pictures with the progress, and so far I can see in my mind how beautiful it's going to be.             DeAnn K

 Hi, wanted to let you know that plants arrived safely yesterday.   It was a nice surprise to see how far along the wisteria are, so many times I buy a stick :)             Dawn W

 The plants arrived at 5pm today and were in the ground before dark, so now I won't have to worry about them while out of town! They were moist, looked great, and I am sure they should grow well.             Barbara S

 I just received my order and want to say that the quality is outstanding. And my plants were packed with such care......      Jen S

 I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your plants were. I have a lot of trouble with ordering plants, a lot of disappointment. I have been very pleased with my plants and it started with the way they were shipped. Perfect! Been a year and still going strong. Thanks again for your wonderful service.             Diego B

 Got my Wild flowers yesterday and am so happy... all arrived in great shape and thank you so much for my extra surprise of the gallons :-) Going to go play in the dirt!             Buffy H

Thank you for splitting the charge between my debit card and gift credit card. The bushes look great. I’ve never received plants this healthy and large from a mail order. Thanks!      Doug T

I just wanted to thank you for the competent mailing of these plants.  The Larkspur are about to blossom now, and the Hibiscus are growing normally.  Actually, you sent only one Hibiscus coccineus, together with a closely related Hibiscus.  This is ok; should be interesting to see what the mystery sub-species gives.            David B

HAPPY with my order of 3 honeysuckle!   I was delightfully surprised to receive them today!  They look great and I am also surprised that they are blooming!  I have given your web page access information to others (involved in commercial landscaping) and also shared my excitement in receiving healthy plants.             Mary S

My new plants arrived today, all in beautiful condition. Love the packaging, can recycle the lot of it, good show!            Mary Y

 a quick note to thank you for the great customer service on this order of Amsonia. They arrived in great shape - you and your business were very easy to work with!      David W

 Just a quick thank you for packing my plants so beautifully. I felt like I was opening gifts to myself.  Keep up the good work.             Norma S

Hi! Got my plant from you last year and it did well. This year same plant is going growth crazy at about 11 ft already, prolific in blooms. The ruby throated hummingbirds are constantly at it now, some even posted watch waiting for the blooms to open wanting its first sips of nectar sweet. This morning I got me a pic of a male at it. I was so pleased with the picture I had to share it with you. I also posted a review of the plant right before emailing this.             Paula S

I meant to tell you that the plants arrived in great shape and they are beautiful.  Thanks.                   Jenny L

 Order arrived mid-day yesterday. Plants were perfectly packed and in superb condition. Excellent quality finished plants. Thank you for the rapid delivery and the care with which the order was prepared.                  Arthur K

 That was super-quick! The plants arrived this afternoon in perfect condition. Thank you.             Lisa K

 just a note to let you all know that i got my plants. not only that i got them but i have never seen plants packaged so well! they came in perfectly! this is not my first rodeo ride either! been gardening about 40 years!! you guys are the best!             Sam C

Wanted to let you know that my plants arrived yesterday. They are in great condition, and I really appreciate how well you packed them – I’ve done business with pricey xxx and xxx for years, and their packaging is a nightmare compared to yours. We are experiencing a bit of a cool, rainy spell in Boston, which I’m going to take advantage of to harden the plants off a bit – then into the garden they will go. Thanks for enclosing your catalog – I definitely WILL be ordering again!   Ann M

 I just wanted you to know that our pipevine plants arrived today. They are in fantastic shape. We could not be any more pleased. We raise butterflies and moths as a hobby and this is our first year of raising pipevine swallowtails. We have had three plants for years, but this is the first year we have found the caterpillars and eggs. We are hoping that with more plants, we will get more butterflies! Kudos to you and your hardworking staff on the quality of your plants. Thank you so much.                  Sue H 

Everything arrived in perfect condition. I think this time its going to work. The azaleas look happy.  Thank you so much.  I have mail-ordered from other places but you send the healthiest plants.             Sur S

the plant is planted!  It is the most beautiful specimen I have ever received via mail.  Thank you so very much             Fran H

Hello-While in the process of ordering from Sunlight Gardens online, I had a question so called your 800 number.  I spoke with employee, Mary. Mary was very courteous, helpful and people friendly. She and a nearby male co-worker did their very best to satisfy my questions. I was so pleased, I went from -waiting until you returned from your conference to make my final decisions- to -I will just place my order with you, Mary, if that is ok-. Good employees should be recognized by customers as quickly as unsatisfactory ones.   Sherri A

 NICE plants, arrived in excellent condition.  Thank you.             Ralph J

We received out pipevine order today. To say that my husband and I are pleased would be a huge understatement!!! We received 4 very lush, beautiful plants that far exceeded our expectations. We will be happy to conduct future business with you and to let others know of your wonderful business. Thank you so much ,             Sue H

I just received my order and it is the healthiest robust mail order plants I've ever gotten. Thank You and I look forward to future purchases from you!      Phil A

 Recently there was some damage to part of an order we had placed with you, followed by some miscommunication, and I just wanted to write to thank you for the courteous and professional manner in which you resolved this. We received the three replacement plants right away and immediately planted them, and they are doing fine, as are the undamaged ones from the original shipment.

We have held onto the box and the three damaged plants (which are now just dried stalks) right up until now, but UPS never contacted us about them.
Once again I would like to thank you and I will certainly be doing business with you again, as I like to stay with native plants as much as possible, and therefore I am delighted to find a trustworthy (relatively) local source.             Joan C

 Hello, just got my order today. I am extremely pleased with your packing and health of the plants ordered. I can't wait to plant them.      Jane C

 Order arrived yesterday; wanted to tell you (as a first time customer) I am just astounded at the beauty of the full grown, healthy, perfectly packed plants!!!  I didn’t expect to receive mature plants of that quality.  You put a lot of love into your product, and, surely, whoever is packing them, really really cares.  Thanks for the catalog enclosed; will be ordering again.  THANK YOU             Lori C

 I just wanted to let you know how impressed I (and my client) were on the speed in which you processed our order. Great job and THANK YOU! I was also pleased with the size and condition of the plant. You have a new loyal customer for my mail order plant needs. THANKS AGAIN and keep up the great work!         Monte R

Thank you for your message yesterday (November 16th) about waiting until Spring to deliver the six Begonia Grandis plants.  The Customer Service Department for Sunlight Gardens is excellent.            Jane W

 The six sedges arrived Friday and are awesome, were well packed and undamaged.  I planted them right away, four on a slope near a south facing woods edge and two on level ground in the woods.  I have blue sedge growing naturally in my woods, and, on reading Bill Cullina's book on grasses and mosses, I thought I'd try the two you offer.  Thanks.            Mike T

Thrilled. Just thrilled. Got home at 8:30pm after teaching and there was my box, patiently waiting. Poured a glass of Cabernet and started unpacking. I was very pleased that the plants were not cut back, as they were with another mail-order nursery. That's hard to explain to customers! I had to order from them because you don't have mayapple! Great job! I hope I will be ordering from you again soon.      Doreen W

Please communicate my complete satisfaction with the replacement order that I received on Tuesday of last week.  The two Lonicera Sempervirens  arrived in excellent condition and, as specimens go, were vastly improved in quality over the original plants.  I cannot thank your owner enough for her thoughtful and generous response to my original problem with UPS.  I wish you all well.                  Randy H

 I recently placed an order with your nursery for 12 wild bleeding hearts. Although the order was delayed due to being placed on back order, when the plants finally arrived, I found their condition and quality to be outstanding and well worth the wait. It was immediately obvious  that extreme care and dedication went into the nurturing and packing of these plants. My compliments to you and your nursery staff. I will certainly look forward to placing future orders and will not hesitate to recommend your company to others. Many thanks                        Michelle E

 My order orrived on June 9 in great shape.  The plants are very nice, just like I have learned to expect from you.             Jane M

Thank you!  Better customer service than I imagined!  I'll remember that!...and tell all I know, as well.             Susan M

 I just wanted to send you guys a note to say thank you for the great plants. EVERY one of the plants that I ordered last September and this spring have now come back and are growing great. The Columbine even flowered! I have recommended your business to many people, and I will be letting them know how well the plants are doing.             Bill C

 I received the iris yesterday and they are the healthiest, most vigorous plants I have ever received from any nursery. Ironically, you were the cheapest of any on line nurseries for this plant and I took a chance with you and I'm glad I did. I will have to spread the word in Wilmington about you. Frankly, I have never heard of you before a couple of weeks ago.   I will definitely do business with you again      David G

Received my first order from you and am very pleased with the size, health, and quality of the plants!  I will be certainly ordering from you again.

They are the healthiest mailorder plants I've ever received!            Cindy H

 I have purchased numerous plants from catalogs, etc. over the years (xxx,xxx,xxx, etc), but stumbled onto Sunlight Gardens about a year ago while looking for a certain kind of Columbine.  To save time, money, and effort, I ordered several other plants along with those.  Since then, I have had a better success rate with my Sunlight plants than with those from any other source.  Consequently, I am ordering more and more plants from Sunlight (I just completed another order).  They arrive much bigger and are much stronger in taking hold right from the box.  Good job.  Thanks.  Kevin Jenkins

  I have never previously had the urge to do so but I wanted to contact you and compliment you on the quality of your plants.  Although I just received and planted them this past weekend, they were in beautiful condition and appear to be thriving already!  Having ordered plants from both xxx and xxx, I am hugely impressed with the quality of the plants that I received, rapid and efficient delivery and the fantastic prices that you offer.  So much so I ordered more plants today and will continue to use your company for my gardening needs in the future!             Alex H

 I received the plants yesterday, thanks for the prompt service.  The plants are the healthiest I've ever seen that I've mail-ordered! Your shipping prices are also quite reasonable.  I will certainly order again from your company in the spring.             Pete K