Why Buy from Us?

Why Buy from Sunlight Gardens?

Great Quality and Selection
We pride ourselves in shipping plants of pretty darn high quality. And our selection is carefully thought out to offer attractive, useful, and often rare plants.
100% Nursery Propagated
We do not contribute to the destruction of native plants or their habitats. Our ethics are unwavering. You will never buy a wild-collected plant from us.
Great Customer Service
We are a small firm and so can respond to you personally and quickly by phone or email.
We guarantee that our plants are healthy and of high quality. We want you to be happy, and if you are not, due to a problem with the plant, we will strive to correct the situation.
Honest Descriptions
Our plant descriptions reflect actual experience with these plants whether in wild habitats or in cultivated sites. The photos are not re-touched and the descriptions are not wild exaggerations. Given good and diligent care, you should expect plants to perform as described.
Priced Fairly
We feel our plants are the best value going.
Plant Anytime
Since the majority of our plants are grown and shipped in pots, you can plant them any time. There should be no problem if you need to wait a few days (or longer) before you plant. Not the case with bare root plants.
Neonic Free
We care about our pollinators. So we do not use insecticides that contain neonicotinoids.