Marshallia grandiflora

Barbara's Buttons

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Plant Description

Barbara's Buttons, a member of the daisy family and an endangered plant in Tennessee, is fairly rare throughout its range in the floodplains of the southeast where it grows on sunny stream banks and in bogs. The plants form 10 inch clumps of evergreen, glossy, bright green leaves. In early to mid summer, 18 inch flower stalks support solitary 11/4 inch flower heads of tubular pinkish mauve daisy florets which last for a couple of weeks. They should be grown in sun or light shade in moist places with good soil. When happy, they will naturalize readily by seed. Good companions could include Bee Balm, Blue Flag, Cardinal Flower, Gentian, Turtlehead, and Turk's Cap Lily.



Butterfly Plant

Native Plant

Good Fragrance

Ease of Culture

Not too hard to grow



Plant Type

Wildflower, Perennial

Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny

Soil Condition

Average, Organic

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist, Moist, Wet




12 to 24in

Flower Color

Mauve, Pink

Bloom Time

Early summer, Mid summer



Hardiness Zones

5, 6, 7, 8, 9