Calamintha glabella

Glade Savory

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Plant Description

The Glade Savory is a rare plant found in rock depressions and gravely soil in full sun in middle Tennessee along with the Tennessee Coneflower, Aromatic Sumac, and Little Bluestem. It has bright green, 1/4 inch , oval, succulent leaves and forms dense mats 3 to 4 inches tall and a foot or so wide. Small pale lavender blue, mint-like flowers occur in full sun or a little shade. So you might try it in a rock garden or in a seepage area. We grow it between paving stones in our front walkway where it is great in full sun but gets a little powdery mildew in shade.



Container plant

Roof Garden

Deer Resistant

Butterfly Plant

Native Plant

Good Fragrance

Ease of Culture

Difficult or tricky to culture Not t


Semi Evergreen

Plant Type

Perennial, Wildflower, Ground cover,

Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny,

Half and half,

Soil Condition

Sandy, Average, Organic,

Moisture Tolerance

Dry, Moderately moist, Moist,




less than 12



Flower Color

Lavender, Blue,

Bloom Time

Late spring, Early summer,

Mid summer, Late summer,

Typical Height





6, 7, 8