Smilacina racemosa

False Solomon's Seal

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Plant Description

When not in flower, False Solomon's Seal is easily confused with Solomon's Seal with its arching 2 to 3 foot stems, alternate, long-pointed leaves, and slow creeping method of getting around. But then the differences: False Solomon's Seal has pleated leaves, Solomon's Seal not. False Solomon's Seal has red berries, Solomon's Seal blue. False Solomon's Seal has many starry, fragrant, late spring flowers borne in dense terminal clusters, Solomon's Seal has bell-shaped flowers along the stem undersides. The two species may grow side by side throughout eastern North America in rich woods but False Solomon's Seal distinctly prefers acidic conditions. In a garden situation, when used in masses, False Solomon's Seal can really shine. Given shade and moisture, it will be stunning with ferns, Asarum, Sweet Woodruff, and Sweet Azalea.



Showy Berry Fruit

Deer Resistant

Native Plant

Ease of Culture

Not too hard to grow

Plant Type

Wildflower, Perennial, Ground cover,

Light Exposure

Half and half, Mostly shady, Full shade,

Soil Condition

Organic, Average,

Moisture Tolerance

Moist, Moderately moist,




24 to 36,

Flower Color


Bloom Time

Late spring,

Typical Height





3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,