Silene regia

Royal Catchfly

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Pot Size: 4"x4"x5.5" pot

Plant Description

Royal Catchfly occurs on rocky and poor soil in thin woods, prairies, and thickets throughout its range in the central US and into Florida. It is rare or endangered in half of the states where it occurs. But it sure is easy to see when in flower for much of the summer! Growing to 4 feet or so, stout flower stalks bear dozens of brilliant, crimson, 1 inch, star-shaped flowers that hummingbirds love. Plants look like very tall leafy Firepinks. Grow Royal Catchfly in full sun or light shade, in average, well-drained soil. Good companions would include Gray Coneflower, Black-eyed Susans, grasses, and Rosinweed.



Deer Resistant

Hummingbird Plant

Native Plant

Ease of Culture

Easy to grow


Semi Evergreen

Plant Type

Wildflower, Perennial


Light Exposure

Full sun, Mostly sunny,

Half and half

Soil Condition

Average, Sandy, Clay

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist, Dry


full quart


36 or taller

Flower Color

Red, scarlet

Bloom Time

Mid summer,

Late summer



Hardiness Zones

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9