Arisaema kiushianum

Kyusha lily

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Pot Size: bare root

Plant Description

This is a smaller cobra lily (Jack in the Pulpit relative) that is native to the mountainous forests in Kyushu, Japan, the most southerly of the Japanese islands. Single leaves up to 15” tall with 5 to 13 leaflets spread out over 6” tall flower stalks. The late spring flowers are 2-3” tall, dark purple-striped with long curling spathes (or covers) and dark purple, erect spadixes (or Jacks). In time, small colonies may develop and there may be many flowers and leaves. Grow this easy cobra lily in shade with good soil. It likes moisture during spring and summer but will not tolerate wetness when it is dormant.



Container plant

Deer Resistant

Ease of Culture

Not too hard to grow

Plant Type


Light Exposure

Half and half, Mostly shady,

Full shade

Soil Condition

Average, Organic

Moisture Tolerance

Moderately moist,



bare root




Flower Color

Brown, Purple

Bloom Time

Late spring

Typical Height





6, 7, 8